Showcase PagePath


Example 1: Address book


You wish to make an address-book
You create contact-person:_template
In this template you formulize a form with a pagepath referencing the category "address"
you now add you first contactperson
For example in the pagepath you enter
Europe —> Belgium —> Limburg —> Hasselt —> Somestreet and number
Now all these pages will be created on the fly. With zero content
However if you would make a address:_template with in there the backlinks module…
The page "somestreet and number" will display the name of your first contactperson

If you are creating new items in the pagepath you need to press ENTER after every item you create.

Here is a list of all the contact persons that were submitted.

Here is a list of all the pages that were made using pagepath.

Here is the hierarchy of all the pages that were made using pagepath.

Example 2: Wines

Example 3: Keep controle over things.

Pagepath is a bit strange and new to many people. Therefore I did some thinking and came up with some cool 'controle features'.

  1. it is possible to set a default value for your pagepath…
  2. if is also possible to limit to number of pull down boxes.

in action
Here's how you do it:

  1. Create a _template form.
  2. Add someformatting to your site-theme
  3. Create the page for the default value yourself

So this is the code for your form _template. For people who never heard of live templates, please search on the community forum for it. It is well explained there.

The template has two major blocks:

  1. display of the form
  2. form definition
[!-- display of form content --]
You just entered the following location:
[[iframe{location}%% frameborder="0" height="22px", width="400px" scrolling="no" style="float:right;"]]

[!-- form defintion --]
        type: static
        value: "We would like to know more about you and we notice that other users find it very interesting to know more about somebody before contacting them. This is general information, which is not specific engough, but gives a fairly good image of someone. So please provide as much as possible"
        value: **If you add a "new item" to the lists below, ALWAYS press "enter" so it gets saved.**

There is an I-frame in the display of the form. This is to display the breadcrumbs of your location. Which made more sense to me, but as you may notice… it is clickable so that is a bit strange.
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